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Rectification of Digitized Aerial Photographic Image

Mori Chuji Department of Civil Engineering
Hattori Susumu Department of Civil Engineering
Tanabe Hiroshi Shusei Construction Consultant Co., LTD.
A practical example of digital rectification of tilted photographs using a drum scanning micro densitometer and general purpose computers is depicted. The present research covers rectification of projective distorsions, occuring when the camera axis is not truly vertical, and affine distorsions due to curvature of a drum of a scanner. For this purpose, fundamental mathematical expressions were derived. And some pixel interpolation methods necessary for image reconstruction were compared experimentally. The examples revealed, however, that the film was deformed so complexly that they could not be corrected sufficiently only by affine transformation. Accuracy of rectification was checked by use of stereo aerial photographs in terms of residual y-parallaxes. The result showed residual y-parallaxes of ± 1 pixel (± 50 μm) and sometimes ± 2 pixels were observed. They seem to be caused mainly by film deformations which have not been eliminated, and their amount seems to exceed the photogrammetric tolerance.