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A Unified Approach to System Data Handling in CAD System for Designing Control Systems

Kaneda Masahiro Department of Electronics
Akahori Ichiro
System data handling in CAD sY8tem for designing control systems is discussed. A man-oriented data description method for a wide sense block diagram and its automatical transformation into the state space description is proposed. This work is a part of CAD system: CADPACS-T which has been under development for designing control systems in our laboratory. The proposal data description for a wide sense block diagram has the following features: 1) to correspond nicety to the block diagram and to be suitable for a man-oriented expression, 2) to express even a large scale system compactly by partitioning into some subsystems defined externally, 3) to be easy to add /or alter the input-output terminals, parameters or elements, and 4) to need not to assign the connection relationship explicitly owing to adopting the input-output terminal/line names. Moreover, system data handling in designing the PI controller for an actual boiler system expressed in a block diagram is taken up as an example.