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Control of Magnetizing Inrush Current in a Transformer by Means of Thyristors

Himei Toyoji Department of Electrical Engineering
Nakanishi Senichiro Department of Electrical Engineering
Komatubara Hitoshi Department of Electrical Engineering
Kawata Sigeo School of Education, Okayama University.
Onishi Fujio MITSUI Ship Building & Engineering Co., LTD.,
Tabuchi Takashi MITSUI Ship Building & Engineering Co., LTD.,
When a transformer is energized, the inrush of abnormally high magnetizing current may be noted for a short time until normal flux conditions are established. This may cause the failure of a protective relay, so many preventives are usually accepted for the purpose of normal relay performance. The authors, instead, now have tried to control the inrush current itself, by means of the soft starting method using two reverse parallel thyristors. In this paper, the method to control the inrush current itself, is presented by the soft-starting method using thyristors. The experimental results of this Method verifies the good controlability of the transient magnetic flux of a transformer and then the availability of the control of magnetizing inrush current in the cases of a single phase connection and a three phase one.