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The Effects of Time Constant and Absorption on Stress Measured by X-ray Diffraction Method

Honda Kazuo Department of Mechanical Engineering
Hosokawa Norio Department of Machanical Engineering. Now at. Okayama College of Science
Sarai Takaaki Department of Mechanical Engineering
The diffracted intensity of X-ray depends upon several physical and geometrical factors such as structure, multiplicity, absorption and Lorentzpolarization and measuring conditions such as time constant and scanning speed of detector on counter method[l]. For analyzing on the X-ray stress measurement, especially, profile shape of X-ray diffraction which is affected by geometrical factors such as absorption and Lorentz-polarization is very important. In order to eliminate these factors affecting the stress measured by using X-ray, the correcting factors were introduced and those theoretical values were calculated. After this theoretical calculation, it is found that as the half value breadth increases the difference between the stress measured by using X-ray and the corrected one becomes larger and larger under same measuring condition. When the ideal diffracted intensity of X-ray is assumed Cauchy distribution the measured stress depends upon measuring condition for same specimen, but it is independent of measuring condition in Gauss, distribution. Consequently, it is found that the stress measured by using X-ray must be corrected under each measuring condition and the method of correction is made clear and proved experimentally in this paper.