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岡本 正 川崎医科大学
角南 重夫 川崎医科大学
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In the course of the screening examination of the adult diseases, 4959 inhabitants (both sex with age from 20 to 89 years) of communities in the south of Okayama Prefecture were examined bacteriuria with the nitrite testape (N-multisticks, Ames Co.) without cleaning pudenda from April to December, 1977, and the following results were obtained. 1) The rate of bacteriuria was 1.4% of the examinee, but the rate of bacteriuria of female (1.6% ) was 3.2 times higher than that of male (0.5% ). The rate by age of bacteriuria of male had single peak in his fifties, but that of female had bottom in her thirties, and after this age the rate rose with increasing age. 2) The cystitis of the urinary bladder or the kidney disease were the commonest disease among the past history of the cases, especially in female, with bacteriuria. About 1/4 of the cases with bacteriuria had complaints, and the pollakisuria was the commonest complaints (23.5% ). 3) The cases of bacteriuria complicated with albuminuria or occult blood were superior to that non-complicated in number, and the cases of glykosuria had bacteriuria to a high rate. 4) In 59.5% of the positive cases of the N-multisticks pyuria was observed microscopically in urinary sediments.