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Candida分離株の酵素的性状 第1編 グルコース代謝について

寺坂 隆 岡山大学
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Two strains of Candida albicans isolated from the patient with candidasis and the standard strain preserved in our laboratory served as the materials. By cultivating these strains both under aerobic and anaerobic conditions in the medium containing glucose, citrate, succinate or lactate as C souces, a comparative study was conducted as to the growth rate and the decomposition of these C sources. The results are presented in the following. 1. In the medium containing glucose as C source, the growth of all the bacteria is good under aerobic condition, especially so with the standard strain. In this instance, the alcohol formation is especially marked with the isolated strains but extremely small with the standard strain. Under anaerobic condition the growth rate of every strain becomes poorer, especially marked is the decrease in the growth of standard strain. 2. In the medium containing succinate, citrate, or lactate and cultured under aerobic condition, the growth of the standard strain is good whereas it is poor with the isolated strains. Under anaerobic condition the growth of every strain is poor. 3. It seems that the isolated strains somewhat tend to be aerobic as compared with the standard strain.