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鶏白血病腫瘍の酵素的性状 第1篇 癌化細胞のグルコース分解について

河野 昌雄 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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Using tumor cells from the node developing in the liver of a chicken with leukemia of visceral type as well as liver cells around the node as subjects of experiment and normal liver cells as control, enzymic properties at cellular level were studied with special reference to glucose metabolism. The results are presented in the following. 1. Cancer cells show oxygen consumption in a similar degree as that of normal cells in the substrate such as succinate and others. It indicates that respiration in tumor cells is just as important as in normal cells. 2. In cancer cells anaerobic glycolysis is high and also they show so-called Crabtree effect, revealing a general characteristics of cancer cells. 3. In those liver cells around the cancer tissue (node) there can be recognized no characteristics similar to those of cancer cells.