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ウイルス性肝炎及び肝硬変の肝循環動態に関する研究 第2編 壊死後性肝硬変の肝循環動態に関する研究

国富 昭夫 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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Hepatic hemodynamics studied by means of catheterization of hepatic veins was compared with the findings obtained by peritoneoscopy and liver biopsy in 17 patients including precirrhosis which is though to be developed stage of chronic hepatitis and postnecrotic cirrhosis of the liver. 1. Wedged hepatic venous pressure was obtained to be 227mm H(2)O in average, effective hepatic blood flow to be 406ml/min/M(2) in average, and intrahepatic shunt flow was found in all cases except for two. 2. In the investigation on gas metabolism, it was observed that the oxygen contents in the arterial blood decreased in average and difference of oxygen contents between artery and vein of the visceral organ increased slightly while oxygen consumption of the visceral organ showed generally to be in the normal range. 3. There was a considerable close relationship between the hepatic hemodynamics and the clinical pictures such as clinical symptoms, liver function profile, peritoneoscopic and liver biosic findings.