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長期培養(総日数1212日)されたエールリッヒ腹水癌細胞(JTC-11株)の性状について 第二報 標準株(K系)の適性培地及び動物復元継代K株の培養順応性(株性)の保持について

浜崎 充彦 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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The optimal medium for the cell proliferation of the standard line, K, was investigated and found to consist of 20% bovine serum, 0.4% lactalbumin hydrolysate, 0.4% yeast extract, 0.36% glucose and saline. The cultured cells were retransplanted and passaged intraperitoneally through mice. After 19 transfers through mice, e.g., in 280 days, the cells were re-inoculated into culture and compared in the cellular morphology and in the culture-adaptability with the primary culture of purely mice-passaged Ehrlich carcinoma cells. The former cells adhered readily to the glass surface showing spindle-like form and demonstrated the capacity for the proliferation in culture from the earliest stage of cultivation, while the latter cells adhered hardly to the glass maintaining their round form and revealed little proliferation or underwent degeneration rapidly with days.