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病的生体の血液保存による血液性状の変化に関する研究 第Ⅰ編 病的生体に関する臨床的研究

南 武 岡山大学医学部第一(陣内)外科教室
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The most adequate screening test to find out the pathological state in stored blood donors was studied. In-patients of pulmonary tuberculosis and other various diseases were examined. The various properties of their blood elements and the organ functions were as follows: 1) Pathological properties were; 37.7% in hippuric acid systhesis, 65.5% in BSP test, 55.3% in zinc sulphate turbidity, 60.3% of γ-Gl quantity, 65.4% in A/G index, 56.7% in serum T-Ch (Total-cholesterin) quantity, 49.5% in total protein content, 63.7% in red corpuscule sedimentation 68.8% in Congored index, 48.1% in Thorn's adrenalin test, 36.4% in respiratory equivalent and 50% in lung power. 2) The examinations, which showed positive results above half, were serum T-Ch quantity, red corpuscle sedimentation, Congored index and lung power test etc. 3) From the results mentioned above, the examination of liver function, serum T-Ch quantity, red corpuscle sedimentation and Congored test etc. are significant to determine pathological states generally.