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Virus性肝炎の慢性化に関する臨床的並びに病理組織学的研究 第2編 肝線維化過程の組織化学的検討

清藤 一郎 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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Histochemical studies of the proliferation of connective tissue fiber of the liver were carried out about 164 liver biopsy specimens who had been diagnosed as having viral hepatitis and post hepatitic livercirrhosis and the following results were obtained: (1). In the early stage of virus hepatitis, argentifile fiber increased remakably within the liver lobule. As the malady advanced, mature and old fiber increased and these were collagenized gradually. (2). The increase of argentifile fiber was not in proportion to the age of patients but to the aggravation of the disease. (3). The patients of chronic progressive hepatitis showed a remarkable increase of argentifile fiber within Glison's capsul while fibrosis around the central vein was visible in the patients of non-progressive hepatitis. (4). In the patients of serum hepatitis, the increase of argentifile fiber and that of mature and old fibers within Glison's capsul were both remarkable and collagenisation was frequently noted in the early stage. (5). The growth of argentifile fiber was due to the necrosis of liver cell, especially to that of the edge. Also, a close relation was discovered between the growth and the transudation of serous fluid in the wall of sinusoid. (6). The growth of collagen fiber was later than that of argentifile fiber and a part of mature and old fibers also turned into collagen fiber. (7). The elastic fiber was lower in the rate of increase than the collagen fiber, and it became spread all over Glison's capsul. The fine elastic fiber began to increase in the early stage of acute hepatitis and as it developed into the chronic stage, the increase of the thick elastic fiber started. The increase of this fiber was especially remarkable among the cases of post hepatitic cirrhosis who had diffuse fibrosis. (8). The application of adrenocortical hormon expedited the absorption of argentifile fiber. The absorption was more stimulated when adrenocortical hormon was applied together with Androstane-17-βo1-3-one, as they had the effect to inhibit fibrosis.