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保存血大量輸血に伴う血液凝固障害に関する研究 第1編 血液凝固障害発現の成因に関する実験的研究

志水 浩 岡山大学医学部砂田外科教室
Influences of operative stress, shock, anoxia and/or liver damage upon the disturbances in blood clotting following massive transfusion of preserved blood were investigated experimentally. None of coagulation factors were so disturbed to invite a hemorrhagic tendency only by one of them. Qualitative and quantitative decrease in platelets and decrease in AHG level were thought to be caused by massive preserved blood transfusion itself. Decreases in prothrombin and labile factor following preserved blood transfusion were much intensive in case of accompanying with operative stress, shock, anoxia or liver damage. It was surmized that the occurrence of fibrinolysis had an imptortant part to cause the decrease in clotting factors.