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肝生検に関する研究 第1編 流行性肝炎に於ける肝生検所見と肝機能検査成績との関係に就いて

植田 胖 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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35 cases of acute viral hapatitis and 60 cases of chronic hepatitis underwent needle liver biopsies, and the studies were made on the correlations between histological findings and liver function tests of these cases, and the following results were obtained. 1. In the preicteric and icteric stages of the acute viral hepatitis cases, cephalin cholesterol flocculation test, serum bilirubin and Azorubin-S excretion test presented closest correlations with histological findings of the liver. 2. In the convelescent stages of acute viral hepatitis, delayed recoveries were observed in Glisson's capsules and peripheral areas of the lobules rather than liver cells. in these cases, 63.3% of cephalin cholesterol flocculation test and Azorbin-S excretion test had mutual relations with histological pictures. 3. In the chronic hepatitis cases there was no evidence of close correlation between liver function tests and histological findings. 4. In the chronic hepatitis cases, in whom pseudolobules were formed histologically, hyperbilirubinemia, various serum colloid liver function tests and pigment excretion tests were all positive. 5. In the hepatitis type II (H. Eppinger) cases, a dissociation was observed between liver function tests and histological findings despite severe icterus and advanced impairment of the liver cells.