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根治的胃癌リンパ節廓清手術時における自律神経切断の肝機能に及ぼす影響に関する実験的並に臨床的研究 第1編 実験的研究

宮田 信〓 岡山大学医学部第1(陣内)外科教室
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Various surgical attacks were given to the autonomic nerve system in dogs and their liver functions were investigated at intervals. 1) In case of sectioning bilateral vagal nerves or removing bilateral celiac ganglia, liver functions were slightly depressed between the fifth and the twentieth postoperative days, while they returned to their normal after thirty days. 2) In case of removing hepatic nerver plexus at the portal fissure, the functions were less depressed than those atated in 1), and recovered completely after twenty days. 3) In case of the combined procedures of 1) and 2), the impediment to function seemed slightly heavy, but recovered to the normal after thirty days.4) The liver functions were completely normal after one year. 5) The lesion of the liver function was: at B. S. P. test, galactose test, tymol turbidity test and Takada's serum test. it was slightly abnormal. For C. C. F. test and urobilinogen of the urine, it remained normal. 6) The lesion of the liver functions by these surgical autonomic nerve block is trasient, so radical gastrectomy and lymphadenectomy can safely be performed.