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肺カンジダ症の臨床的研究 第2編 続発性カンジダ症について

佐藤 熙 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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The 4 cases with the diagnosis of secondary lung and bronchial moniliasis were fully investigated and the difference between primary and secondary lung moniliasis was studied: And the results were as follows. 1. Secondary lung and bronchial moniliasis was apt to be concealed under the main disease, but it showed as same as the symptom of primary lung moniliasis. 2. The loss of individual resistence was naturally considered for the pathogenesis of secondary lung and bronchial moniliasis and the effect of antibiotics was also considered. 3. The fixed dosis of sarkomycin restrained the growth of candida albicans in vitro and vivo.