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精液核酸代謝に対する副腎ホルモンの影響 第2篇 Cortisoneの精液核酸代謝に及ぼす影響

江原 滋 岡山大学医学部皮膚科泌尿器科教室
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The effects of cortisone on phosphate metabolism in the seminal vesicles were reported. The experiments were carried out as well stated as in report 1. and the results were as followed. 1. With continuous administration of cortisone, RNA was increased within one hour and then gradually decreased, whereas DNA showed the highest level at three hours after the administration of cortisone. 2. On the effects of castration, the decrease of RNA could be seen in both tissue obviously, whereas DNA showed much less changes than RNA. 3. On the effects of adrenalectomy, no significant effects could be seen in RNA and DNA by cortisone administration in seminal vesicles with cortisone therapy. Much differences could be found in DNA with no cortisone therapy comparing with cortisone therapy.