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骨髄組織培養に対する各種ビタミン添加の影響 第1編 各種ビタミンの組織増生並に偽好酸球の運動能に及ぼす影響

片岡 良司 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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By loading various vitamins to the bone-marrow tissue culture of normal rabbits the author observed systematically the influences of these vitamins on the cell growth and on the cell function of the leucocyte series, especially on the motility of pseudoeosinophils, and obtained the following results. 1. In vitamin B(1), cocarboxylase, vitamin B(2), and vitamin K there can be found no direct action as to increase the number of cells in the bone marrow leucocyte series. 2. Vitamin B(12) and folic acid have been found to possess a power markedly to increase the number of the leucocyte series in bone marrow. 3. Vitamin C has a moderate power, while FAD (flavin adenine dinucleotide), vitamin B(6), nicotinic acid, and nicotinamide in an adequate concentration only have the power directly increasing the number of the leucocyte series. 4. Vitamins B(1), B(6), and C as well as folic acid have been found to act as to accelerate the wandering velocity of pseudoeosinophils.