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肝炎に関する免疫組織学的研究 第2編 肝自己並に同種抗体に関する免疫組織学的研究

太田 康幸 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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1. From the standpoints of the complement fixation reaction and the tissue reaction it has been proven that the liver homologous immunicity can be accomplished in rabbit liver by injecting homologous liver emulsion into the animals without resorting to Freund's adjuvant method. 2. When the liver tissue is rapidly destroyed by injecting an hypertonic physiological saline solution into the liver, the production of liver auto-antibody can clearly be recognized, and the sensitized state with tissue reaction can also be observed. 3. In comparing the tissue reaction in the case sensitized with microsome fraction of homologous liver or homologous liver phosphatid antigen with the reaction observable in the liver injected with homologous liver emulsion, hardly any difference can be seen in the former, while the tissue reactions such as necrosis of liver cells etc. are far more marked in the latter. 4. Although there are few differences in the tissue reaction according to the dosis and the titer of the injected homologous liver antiserum, a cytotoxin-like action and a relative organ specificity were recognized. 5. The mice sensitized with the homologous liver emulsion previously are secondary infected with ectromelia virus, so that serous inflammation of the liver tissue are used to be found additionally, moreover by the sensitization above mentioned the histological changes in the liver tissue of the mice become more stronger.