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臓器アレルギーに関する研究 第1編 肝同種並に自己抗体の産生について

和泉 正昭 岡山大学医学部第一内科教室
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Using rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice as the test animals, the author studied the production of homologous-liver-antibody and auto-liver-antibody by preparing various organ antigens of these animals and injecting a hypertonic physiological saline solution of these antigens into the liver of respective animals asceptically so as to avoid the sensitization of homologous animals; and obtained the following results. 1. It is possible to produce auto-liver-antibody by injecting homologous-liver-antigen and auto-liver-antigen. 2. These antibodies can combine with homologous- and auto-liver-antigens in vivo. 3. The homologous-liver-antigens and autoantigens have been found to have a specificity to organs, but this is just a matter of comparison. Of the two the specifity of the latter is more marked.