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宮武 孝明 岡山大学医学部第一生理学教室
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Experiments have been performed to examin differences of O(2) consumption of frog's muscle (M. sartorius) on which applied 300 atm. pressure for 30 min. and stimulating electrically. At that time muscles had constracted. The results were as follows: 1) There were no differences on O(2) consumption of muscle on which applied pressure and stimulating electrically. 2) It has been supposed that there were no differences of metabolism of contracted muscle and tetanus. 3) On the lower temperature of 18°C. O(2) consumption of stimulated muscle electrically have been increased a little more than that of applied pressure. (increased avarage 23%) 4) It has been supposed that the pressure stimulus of lower than 300 atm. pressure did not become a sufficient stimulus of contraction, and higher pressure than 300 atm. pressure had been able to be pressure to increase the O(2) consumption of muscle.