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分離肝炎病毒と類似病毒との比較研究 第2編 分離肝炎病毒とEct. Virus及び泉熱病毒との比較免疫学的研究

松浦 秀吉 岡山大学医学部微生物学教室
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As for the immunological natures, particularly for the neutralization test and the "Absaettigungsversuch", the isolated hepatitis virus was compared with analogous viruses. The results are as follows: 1) Both of the neutralization test and the "Absaettigungsversuch" of ectromelia virus are ef practical use ot least to a limitted degree. The “Absaettigungsversuch” is, however, of less use than the neutralization test, and is inferred to give a definite result only in combination with the neutralization test. Consequently, combined employment of the both tests is desirable. 2) Hepatitis antisera showed a high neutralization with hepatitis virus, and not with the other viruses. The result of this neutralization test was determined by observation of pathological findings. 3) In short, the results of these immunological tests showed that the viruses of infectious hepatitis, ectromelia and "Izumi fever" were clearly different to each other, and distinct discrimination was possible among them.