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The function of reticulo-endotherial system was examined by means of the carbon black phagocytosis (Sugiyama) and the congo-red test (Adler and Reimann). 1. The decrease of phagocytosis and the increase of congo-red index take place 2-3 days after subcutaneous injection of parathion (8 mg/kg for rabbits, 1-3 mg/kg for dogs). 2. Daily injecting the small dose of parathion (1 mg/kg for rabbits, 1-2 mg/kg for dogs), the disturbance above mentioned is also proved, and it goes on longer. 3. At the onset of parathion-poisoning in man, the congo-red index shows very high and returns to normal after 10-20 days. It is concluded that the function of reticulo-endotherial system is out of order by the parathion-poisoning, and it remains after 10-20 days.