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Respiratory movement and blood pressure were recorded on the dog with parathion-poisoning. 1. After a few minutes of increasing of rate and amplitude, the respiratory movement go down weaker and irregular. Thus the movement ceases by a single intravenous injection of 10 mg/kg parathion. Blood pressure shows transitory rise, then it falls gradually and is attended by a marked slowing of the heart beats after respiratory failure. 2. The changes caused by parathion injection are protected by 5 mg/kg atropine i. v. 3. The atropine- like effects are displayed, too, by 1 mg/kg Tropin, 4 mg/kg Finalin and 3 mg/kg Pro-banthin i. v. 4. Intravenous injection of 100 mg/kg Theraptique, 20 mg/kg Guronsan and 300 mg/kg Sod. thiosulf. are of no use, besides the former display a brief period of strong respiratory stimulation.