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インヂカン定量に関する実験的研究 第一編 Jolles's反応の化学的本態に関する実験的研究

進東 勉 岡山大学医学部平木内科教室
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Out of the certain experimental results obtained in the isolation as well as synthesis of Thymolindogenide, which has been undertaken to determine certain products of Jolles's reaction in vivo, I could arrive at the following conclusions:- 1) For the first time in our literature, I have succeeded in isolating ccrtain color substances of Jolles's reaction, in the form of a red prismatic crystal whose melting point has proved as 234°~237℃. 2) The red prismatic cystal that thus has been isolated proves just the same in its chemical sense with the pure synthetic Thymolidogenide (that has its melting Point at 238°~240℃). 3) Color substances which I get from Jolles's and Jolles-Takeuchi's reactions have proved one and the same, both being Thymolindogenide. 4) Those Thymolindogenides which I myself have isolated as well as synthesized have higher melting points respectively, compared to Thymolindogenide synthesized by Jolles, by 16℃ or 20℃; moreover, dissolve themselves into crimson when they should have met withglacial acetic acid. 5) In an isolation test in which Jolles's or Jolles-Takeuchi's reactions were adopted, we could observe Indigo and certain non-crystal brown pigment, to be extracted simultaneously into the chloroform, besides Thymolindogenide. 6) In this, I have mentioned the synthetic method of producing the Thymolindogenide out of scanty amount of stuff.