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We report herein a case of mesenteric Castleman's disease which was confirmed on pathology. A 60-year-old man was admitted to our hospital complaining of abdominal pain. On the physical examination, there was no palpable mass. Computed tomography findings and magnetic resonance imaging revealed a well circumscribed, lobulated round mass on the right side of the superior mesenteric vein. Laparoscopic surgery for the mesenteric tumor was carried out to obtain a definite diagnosis and treatment. In the operative field, the mass was located on the ascending colic mesentery and measured about 3 cm in size. It was solid and surrounded by a thin fibrous capsule. The histological diagnosis of the mesenteric tumor was hyaline vascular type Castleman's disease. The postoperative course of the patient was uneventful, and he was discharged on the 10th postoperative day.
結腸間膜 (mesocolon)
Castleman病 (Castleman's disease)
腹腔鏡手術 (laparoscopic surgery)
症例報告 (Case Report)