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金澤 卓 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
渡辺 信之 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
猶本 良夫 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
小林 正彦 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
白川 靖博 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
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小林 直哉 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
藤原 俊義 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
松原 長秀 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
岩垣 博巳 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
松岡 順治 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
田中 紀章 岡山大学大学院医歯薬学総合研究科 消化器・腫瘍外科学
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We encountered two cases of pulmonary embolism (PE)/venous thrombs (DVT) after surgery for esophageal cancer. The first case was a 58-year-old male. He underwent a subtotal esophagectomy and reconstruction using the stomach via the subcutaneus route. His postoperative course was stable; however, 13 days after the operation、 he had an elevated fever and pulmonary thrombi were observed on CT-scan screening. Scintigraphy confirmed the thrombi. An inferior vena cava filter (IVCF) was inserted and anti-coagulation therapy using heparin was started. His fever subsided, and 35 days after the operation, the thrombi disappeared. He was discharged thereafter and is being followed up using warfarin. The second case was a 74-year-old male. He also underwent subtotal esophagectomy and reconstruction using the stomach via the subcutaneus route. A central line was inserted via right femoral vein; however, the artery was injured and pressurization to the vessel was needed. His post-operative course was stable and symptom-free; however, ultrasound screening detected DVT in his right femoral vein. IVCF was mserted and anti-coagulation therapy was begun, thrombi disappeared 8 days after the therapy.
食道癌 (esophageal cancer)
肺塞栓症 (pulmonary embolism)
深部静脈血栓症 (deep venous thrombs)