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ヒト赤芽球のtransferrin receptor mRNA の発現に関する研究―ヒト赤芽球の分離法並びにtransferrin receptor mRNAの定量法の検討を含めて―

伊丹 滋人 岡山大学医学部第二内科学教室
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A method for separating erythroblasts and measuring transferrin receptor (TfR) mRNA was developed to investigate the mechanism of TfR expression. Using this method, the relationship between TfR mRNA and the average number of stainable iron granules was examined. Erythroblasts were separated using immunomagnetic beads and mouse antiglyco-phorin A monoclonal antibody with a purity of 89.5±4.5% and a yield of 19.9±6.7%. Northern blot analysis was performed with these separated cells and the following results were obtained. A patient with iron deficiency anemia presented a higher TfR mRNA level and a lower average number of stainable iron granules than healthy volunteers. However, another patient with iron deficiency anemia and two patients with myelodyspastic syndrome demonstrated almost the same TfR mRNA levels as healthy volunteers . TfR mRNA appeared to be regulated by cellular iron, but other factors such as hemoglobim may participate in this regulation. This newly developed method will be helpful in investigating the regulation of TfR mRNA and in clarifying the mechanism of iron metabolism in hematological disorders.
transferrin receptor mRNA
Northern blot analysis
cell separation
immunomagnetic beads