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岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要 (1巻-9巻)

Development of a dental implant movement checker

岡 久雄 岡山大学医学部保健学科検査技術科学専攻
小野 浩一 ㈱エプソン・プリンタ設計グループ
Wijaya Sastra Kusuma 岡山大学大学院自然科学研究科知能開発科学専攻
更谷 啓治 大阪歯科大学有歯補綴咬合学講座
川添 堯彬 大阪歯科大学有歯補綴咬合学講座
Evaluation of dental implantation is very important because it gives useful information for both planning the dental treatment and evaluating of prognosis. This study aimed at improving our previously developed Tooth Mobility (TM) tester and developing a dental implant movement (IM) checker. The measuring probe included a bimorph transducer of two piezoelectric elements. It was actuated by single frequency and detected tooth acceleration. The acceleration signal was processed and the IM score was calculated in PC. Two artificial implant models in which IMZ implant was buried with different elasticity of surrounding (molteno(@)) were used to examine the performance of the IM checker. The IM scores obtained in the models were 29 and 58. The measurement time was below 15 seconds. The average of measurement variation of one operator was below 6% and the average variation among five operators was below also 6%. The IM checker reduced a measurement variation by 51% and a measuring time by 61% compared with those of the TM tester in natural teeth. The newly developed IM checker had sufficient measuring reliability and we could objectively estimate the implant movement in dental clinics.
tooth mobility (歯の動揺)
mechanical mobility (機械モビリティ)
dental implant (インプラント)
manual examination (触診)