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語彙を超えたレベルでの言い換え 「主語を換える」という操作による言い換えを中心として

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This study is motivated directly by the very limited scope of the traditional communication strategy research in that it places exclusive emphasis on lexis and indirectly by the inadequacy of some hasty attempts, which followed the seminal work by Domyei (1995), to investigate into the effectiveness of strategy instruction without paying due attention to the nature of strategic processes involved in speech production. It focuses on the process of changing the grammatical subject (i.e. paraphrase beyond the lexical level), as a means of avoiding and/or solving problems in speech production. The process is investigated by analyzing the relationships between the original sentences and their paraphrastic counterparts given in a monolingual dictionary. The investigation identifies various ways in which linguistic elements in the original sentence are manipulated to yield a new subject.
communication strategies
paraphrase beyond the lexical level
changing the grammatical subject