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Author Kozaki, Ken-ichi| Kawakami, Shigehisa| Konishi, Takayuki| Ohta, Keiji| Yano, Jitsuro| Onoda, Tomoo| Matsumoto, Hiroshi| Mizukawa, Nobuyoshi| Kimata, Yoshihiro| Nishizaki, Kazunori| Iida, Seiji| Gofuku, Akio| Abe, Masanobu| Minagi, Shogo| Okayama Dream Speech Project|
Abstract A palatal augmentation prosthesis (PAP) is used to facilitate improvement in the speech and swallowing functions of patients with tongue resection or tongue movement disorders. However, a PAPʼs effect is limited in cases where articulation disorder is severe due to wide glossectomy and/or segmental mandibulectomy. In this paper, we describe speech outcomes of a patient with an articulation disorder following glossectomy and segmental mandibulectomy. We used a palatal plate (PP) based on a PAP, along with an artificial tongue (KAT). Speech improvement was evaluated by a standardized speech intelligibility test consisting of 100 syllables. The speech intelligibility score was significantly higher when the patient wore both the PP and KAT than when he wore neither (p=0.013). The conversational intelligibility score was significantly improved with the PP and KAT than without PP and KAT (p=0.024). These results suggest that speech function can be improved in patients with hard tissue defects with segmental mandibulectomy using both a PP and a KAT. The nature of the design of the PP and that of the KAT will allow these prostheses to address a wide range of tissue defects.
Keywords palatal augmentation prosthesis artificial tongue articulation disorder glossectomy mandibulectomy
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Publication Title Acta Medica Okayama
Published Date 2016-06
Volume volume70
Issue issue3
Publisher Okayama University Medical School
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Author Kawakami, Shigehisa| Kodama, Naoki| Maeda, Naoto| Sakamoto, Shunichi| Oki, Kazuhiro| Yanagi, Yoshinobu| Asaumi, Jun-Ichi| Maeda, Teruta| Minagi, Shogo|
Published Date 2012-01-15
Publication Title Journal of Neuroscience Methods
Volume volume203
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