Author Aoyama, Eriko|
Published Date 2005-03-25
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Author Yoshihara, Ritsuko| Aoyama, Eriko| Kadota, Yusuke| Kawai, Saeko| Goto, Tomomi| Zhong, Ming| Gohda, Eiichi|
Published Date 2008-06-30
Publication Title Cellular Immunology
Volume volume250
Issue issue1-2
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Author Hoshijima, Mitsuhiro| Hattori, Takako| Aoyama, Eriko| Nishida, Takashi| Yamashiro, Takashi| Takigawa, Masaharu|
Published Date 2012-10
Publication Title FEBS Journal
Volume volume279
Issue issue19
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Author Itoh, Shinsuke| Hattori, Takako| Tomita, Nao| Aoyama, Eriko| Yutani, Yasutaka| Yamashiro, Takashi| Takigawa, Masaharu|
Published Date 2013-08-12
Publication Title PLoS ONE
Volume volume8
Issue issue8
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Author Tomita, Nao| Hattori, Takako| Itoh, Shinsuke| Aoyama, Eriko| Yao, Mayumi| Yamashiro, Takashi| Takigawa, Masaharu|
Published Date 2013-03-28
Publication Title PLoS ONE
Volume volume8
Issue issue3
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Author Aoyama, Eriko|
Published Date 2015-02
Publication Title Okayama University Medical Research Updates
Volume volume6
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Author Hara, Chikako| Kubota, Satoshi| Nishida, Takashi| Hiasa, Miki| Hattori, Takako| Aoyama, Eriko| Moriyama, Yoshinori| Kamioka, Hiroshi| Takigawa, Masaharu|
Abstract OBJECTIVES: Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been widely used to enhance the regeneration of damaged joint tissues, such as osteoarthritic and rheumatoid arthritic cartilage. The aim of this study is to clarify the involvement of all of the CCN family proteins that are crucially associated with joint tissue regeneration. METHODS: Cyr61-CTGF-NOV (CCN) family proteins in human platelets and megakaryocytic cells were comprehensively analyzed by Western blotting analysis. Production of CCN family proteins in megakaryocytes in vivo was confirmed by immunofluorescence analysis of mouse bone marrow cells. Effects of CCN family proteins found in platelets on chondrocytes were evaluated by using human chondrocytic HCS-2/8 cells. RESULTS: Inclusion of CCN2, a mesenchymal tissue regenerator, was confirmed. Of note, CCN3, which counteracts CCN2, was newly found to be encapsulated in platelets. Interestingly, these two family members were not detectable in megakaryocytic cells, but their external origins were suggested. Furthermore, we found for the first time CCN5 and CCN1 that inhibits ADAMTS4 in both platelets and megakaryocytes. Finally, application of a CCN family cocktail mimicking platelets onto HCS-2/8 cells enhanced their chondrocytic phenotype. CONCLUSIONS: Multiple inclusion of CCN1, 2 and 3 in platelets was clarified, which supports the harmonized regenerative potential of PRP in joint therapeutics.
Keywords CCN family Cartilage Megakaryocyte Platelet Regeneration
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Published Date 2016-11
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