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Author Kodama, Toshio| Narasaki, Kazuyoshi| Ogino, Yasuo| Takatori, Masaaki| Oka, Yoshiki| Hiramatsu, Hidehiko| Miyoshi, Kazuhiro| Hiraba, Koichi| Yamamoto, Sumiki| Tomita, Shoichiro| Tsuji, Hidenori| Inoue, Hajime| Senoo, Takashi| Yamamoto, Akinobu| Miwa, Yasuhiko|
Abstract <p>In the present communication the recent works done by the Rheumatism Research Group of Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Okayama University, are described. The principal findings may briefly be summarized as follows. 1. Pathohistological pictures of the synovial membrane are classified into six types. Among them, Fibrinoid type and Follicular-Fibrosis type are the representative ones of chronic rheumatoid arthritis. 2. For the evaluation of the systemic as well as the local activities in rheumatoid arthritis and for judging the therapeutic effect, some indices have been established. 3. Injection of steroid hormones into the local joints fails to give satisfactory results in advanced, chronic rheumatoid arthritis. In such instances the flushing of the joint with physiological saline solution is effective. 4. In the case of chronic rheumatoid arthritis where the inflammation of hand and phalangeal joints is marked, RA-test gives rapid and more intense reaction, and most of such cases are of Follicular-Fibrosis type. 5. When lymph follicles appearing in the synovial membrane are stained when methyl green pyronine, the arrangement of lymphoid cells and plasma cells becomes distinctly clear. By micro-autoradiographic observations it can be seen that ³H-thymindine injected into the joint cavity is mostly ingested by the lymphoid cells in lymph follicles. 6. In the observation by the fluorescent antibody method multinuclear leucocytes found in the joint fluid and in the peripheral blood react with 19S and 7S-gamma-globulins. 7. When the serum and the joint fluid of the patient with rheumatoid arthritis are fractionated, they separate into three peaks at 19S, 7S, and 4S. Both S. S. C. A.-test and L. F. T. tests reveal the peak at 19S. The serum of chronic hepatitis positive to RA-test and the serum of rheumatoid arthritis are found to react immunologically the same to anti-&#946;2 M globulin sheep serum. 8. When the reticulo-endothelial system of rat is blocked by 900,000 molecules of poly-vinyl-pyrroridon, the ability of antibody production is diminished. 9. Chemical synovectomy of injecting osmic acid is effective to FibrinoidCoating type. Its action mechanism lies in the complete cleaning of the surface of synovial membrane. 10. By radiating synovectomy with 193Au a fairly good result can be expected. 198Au is ingested by those cells in the surface layer of the synovial membrane and also by histiocytes in the synovial membrane. When 5 mc of 198Au are injected into the knee joint, a marked necrosis of the synovial membrane occurs. When 198Au is added to the ascites cells of rabbit during the tissue culture, in the concentration of over 14 &#956;C degeneration of these cells can be recognized. 11. From the examination results of prognosis on those 25 cases with 41 rheumatoid knee joints after surgical synovectomy, it is considered that this method is indicated for Follicular-Fibrosis type. Ones with rheumatoid knee joint of Fibrinoid-Coating type gold sol treatment should be resorted to. In the cases of hand joints, surgical synovectemy is to be recommended at a relatively early stage.</p>
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Published Date 1966-04
Publication Title Acta Medicinae Okayama
Volume volume20
Issue issue2
Publisher Okayama University Medical School
Start Page 53
End Page 89
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