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Title Alternative Permian and Triassic molluscan fossils from the Maizuru Zone,Okayama City, Southwest Japan
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Author Nakazawa, Keiji| Roger Lyman Batten| Suzuki, Shigeyuki| Uwada, Hideto|
Abstract Permian and Triassic molluscan fossils are found from Mitsu-area, Okayama City, Southwest Japan. Permian bivalve and gastropod fossils are collected from mudstones of the Upper Formation of the Maizuru Group. 4 species of bivalves (Nuculopsis? sp. ind., Leptodesma sp. ind., Streblopteria cf. eichwaldi, Posidonia sp. ind.) and 5 species of gastropods (Worthenia cf. corrugata, Callitomaria n. sp. cf. stanislavi, Apachella n. sp. ind., ??Eunemopsis like trochid, ??Yunnania sp.) are identified. Lower Triassic bivalve fossils are collected from sandstones of the Oono Formation. Neoschizodus cf. laevigatus and Bakevellia (Maizuria) kambei are identified.
Keywords Permian Triassic bivalve and gastropod fossils the Maizuru Zone Mitsu area
Publication Title Okayama University Earth Science Report
Published Date 2009-03-31
Volume volume15
Issue issue1
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