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Title Alternative Life-long integrated sports
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Author Jin, Fumio|
Abstract 行政機関による生涯スポーツの推進は、それなりに容認されよう。しかしながら、国民のすべてが、こぞってそれに応えているとしたら、異常である。元来、スポーツは、国民の一人ひとりが、気ままに営むべきものである。それを、スポーツ振興法等に名を借りて、スポーツの機会や条件を提供し、また、国民の健康や体力の増強に与って効力があるからといって、国や地方公共団体の管理に供するということへの、懸念が生じてくる。さらに、関係団体との接触についても懸念がある。巷間、伝わるところの”モスクワ五輪大会への干渉”である。具体的に知る由もないが、結論に至までの過程に重要な要素が含まれていたように思われる。今後も、生涯スポーツの関係団体等に対して、これと類似したケースが生じないとは限らない。公権力の介入も、充分に予想し得る。以下に、生涯スポーツ事業の系譜を纏め、対応への資料として、提供する。
Abstract Alternative The promotion of life-long integrated sports by goverment administration may be acceptable, However, it would be unusual if all citizens accepted this policy by the goverment. Essentially, sports should be played, by the independent will of each person. State and local goverments, may offer people the opportunity and conditions, under the sports Promotion Law, to play sports. Their reason for encouraging people to play sports is obviously because it promotes health and physical fitness. However, this policy may also create the fear that the authorities will control people. I am also anxious about contact between Japanese sports organizations and the goverment. To cite an example, the Japanese goverment interfered, and was, I believe, responsible for the non-participation of Japanese representatives as the Moscow Olympics. I am sure that this decision was affected by the goverment. We cannot guarantee that similar situations involving various sports group. It is possible that this sort of thing will occur again ; that the authorities will intervene in sporting activities. I would like to offer an organization chart regarding life-long integrated sports as follows ; (1) Beginning-after the war. (2) An origin. (3) Adult education. (4) Pre-Olympic-games. (5) Post-Olympic-games.
Keywords スポーツ (sports) 生涯教育 (life-long integrated education) 行政 (administration)
Publication Title 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
Published Date 1995-01-31
Volume volume5
Start Page 53
End Page 63
ISSN 0917-4494
language 日本語
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Title Alternative Factors involved in the movement of the center of mass in healthy women
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Author Shirai, Kiyoko| Goda, Noriko| Okazaki, Yuka| Jin, Fumio| Ohta, Takeo|
Abstract 妊娠中の体形変化は姿勢変化をもたらし、このためにおこる重心移動がマイナートラブルを起こす原因となることが考えられる。そこで、健康女性37人を対象に、重心動揺を起こす因子と考えられる体型要因に着目した基礎的研究を行い、以下の結果を得た。1)重心動揺測定項目の中で、重心動揺距離、包絡面積、重心動揺面積の項目は開眼時より閉眼時が有意に数値が大きく、X軸方向動揺平均、Y軸方向動揺平均の項目は、開眼時と閉眼時とで差がなかった。2)ロンベルグ姿勢での開眼及び閉眼重心動揺検査では、座高、下肢長に正の相関が、肥満度に負の相関があるこが示唆された。
Abstract Alternative During the period of pregnancy, movement of the center of mass due to changes in the posture results from the changes in the body form, and this may cause minor troubles. In this study, we examined body form factors which may be involved in the movement of the center of mass in 37 healthy womem, and obtained the following results. 1) In the examination items of the movement of the center of mass, the moving distance of the center of mass, the envelope area and the area of moving of the center of mass were significantly larger when measured with the eyes open than when measured with the eyes closed, while there were no differences in the means of moving in the x-axis direction and in the y-axis direction whether the eyes were open or closed. 2) The moving examinations of the center of mass in the Romberg's posture with open or closed eyes suggested positive correlations with the sitting height and the length of the inferir limb and a negative correlation with the obesity level.
Keywords 重心動揺 (Sway of the center of gravity) 直立姿勢 (upright standing position) 健康女性 (healthy females) 体型 (body build)
Publication Title 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
Published Date 1996-09-30
Volume volume7
Issue issue1
Start Page 81
End Page 86
ISSN 0917-4494
language 日本語
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Title Alternative On Club Activity in School -Especially Those Related with the Tokubetsu Katsudo-
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Author Jin, Fumio|
Abstract Judzing from this, club activities must be included not in school education but in adult education. And so club activities in school must be practiced from the point of adult education. It seems, however, that the accepter has not been prepard yet. For the reason, It is impossible to exclude club activities at once from school education. From this point, the system of life-long education must be made up promptly and club activities are preferable to be separated from school education. On both sides of school education and adult education, the administrative readjustment must be excuted first of all for the activities of school clubs being pushed forward. It seems, however, that the problems are in Shido-yoryo itself: especially how to deal with Tokubetsu-katsudo is the problem. In other words, Shido-yoryo says, "Tokubetsu-katsudo must be separated from adult education" or "It is not practiced necessarily in adult education" in one time and "It has been applied corresponding to Bukatsu instead of Kurabu" in another time. Shido-yoryo has influenced greatly on the activities in school education.
Keywords 学校教育 学習指導要領 特別活動 クラブ活動 部活
Publication Title 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
Published Date 1991-03-25
Volume volume1
Start Page 11
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ISSN 0917-4494
language 日本語
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