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Title Alternative The subjective lived experience that patients have with chronic renal disease
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Author Idei, Fumiko| Kato, Kumiko|
Abstract 本研究では慢性腎疾患を有する若い成人の内的経験世界を検討した。5名の患者が疾病に関してどのようなことを経験しているのかについて非組織的な深層面接を受けた。分析の結果,患者の内的経験世界は,(1)患者が経験している感情や思考,(2)疾病や自己についての解釈,(3)重要な他者への信頼,(4)自己の変化と発達(成長)という4つに特徴づけられることが明らかになった。しかるべき質の高い看護を提供するためには,看護者は,患者の内的経験世界を理解することが必要である。
Abstract Alternative This study explored the inner experiences of young adults with chronic renal disease. Five patients received an in-depth and non-structured interview for what they were experiencing as related to the disease. Analyses showed that the patients' inner experiences could be characterized as follows : (1) feelings and thoughts the patients experience, (2) interpretations they give to the disease and to their self, (3) reliance they place on significant others surrounding them and (4) change and development they make in their self-concept. Nurses are required to understand the inner experiences of patients in order to provide them with due care of high quality.
Keywords 慢性腎疾患 (Chronic renal disease) 青年後期 (Young adulthood) 主観的体験世界 (Subjective lived experience) 自己 (Self) 重要他者 (Significant others)
Publication Title 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要
Published Date 2001-12-25
Volume volume12
Issue issue1
Start Page 19
End Page 26
ISSN 1345-0948
language 日本語
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