Author Habara, Toshiyuki|
Published Date 2012-06-30
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Content Type Thesis or Dissertation
JaLCDOI 10.18926/15267
Title Alternative Plerocercoids of Nybelinia surmenicola vomited from a domestic cat in Fukuyama City, Japan
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Author Saito, Tetsuro| Habara, Toshiyuki| Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki| Yoshida, Kunie| Tongu, Yasumasa|
Abstract Two infective larval forms of Tetrarynchoidea-cestode were vomited from a domestic cat in 1995. The worms were identified with the plerocercoid of Nybelinia surmenicola by their morphological features, especially the shape and numbers of hooks on the proboscis. This is the first case of Nybelinia-plerocercoid infection in a domestic cat in Japan.
Keywords 四吻条虫 ニベリニア (Nybelinia surmenicola) 擬充尾虫 プレロセルコイド (plerocercoid) 猫 (cat) Hiroshima Prefecture
Publication Title 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
Published Date 1998-01-31
Volume volume8
Issue issue2
Start Page 165
End Page 168
ISSN 0917-4494
language 日本語
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