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Title Alternative Synoptic climatological analyses on the large day-to-day variation of air temperature around Germany in winter (Relating to the “seasonal feeling” in “Fasnacht”, the festival for driving the winter away)
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Author Hamaki, Tatsuya| Kato, Kuranoshin| Otani, Kazuo| Kato, Haruko| Matsumoto, Kengo|
Abstract Synoptic climatological analyses associated with the large day-to-day variation of air temperature around Germany in winter were performed based mainly on the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data for 2000/2001 to 2010/2011 winters, with an interest in the relationship to the “seasonal feeling” in “Fasnacht”, the festival for driving the winter away. The intermittent appearance of the extremely cold days with rather large day-to-day variation in winter as pointed out by Kato et al. (2017) for around Germany was seen also to the north and to the east of Germany. According to a case study for the 2000/2001 winter, such large daily mean temperature fluctuation was closely related to the intraseasonal variation of the Icelandic low with about one month period, i.e., while the temperature around Germany was relatively higher at the eastward shift phase of the Icelandic low due to the strong warm air advection by the SW-ly wind, the temperature was extremely low there when the Icelandic low was weakened and retreated westward.
Keywords Comparative climatology Climate around Europe Synoptic climatology on daily temperature variation in winter around Germany seasonal cycle and “seasonal feeling”
Publication Title Okayama University Earth Science Report
Published Date 2018-12-27
Volume volume25
Issue issue1
Start Page 7
End Page 17
ISSN 1340-7414
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Title Alternative Development of an interdisciplinary class for university students with attention to differences of the climate and “seasonal feeling” in winter : Comparing between those around Germany and the Japan Islands
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Author Kato, Kuranoshin| Kato, Haruko| Otani, Kazuo| Hamaki, Tatsuya| Haga, Yuichi|
Abstract  中高緯度における季節サイクルの多様性や日々の変動に伴う季節の中の幅にも注目して,ドイツ付近での冬の追い出しの行事「ファスナハト」を題材に学際的授業を開発し,大学での教科横断的授業の中での実践結果を検討した。授業では,「ドイツではなぜ冬を追い出さずにはいられないのか」を気候データからイメージして,それを音楽で表現する活動(ファスナハトのオリジナル作品の創作)を行なった。ドイツの冬の厳しさは,平均気温が低いだけでなく,日々の変動が大きい中での極端な低温日の頻出にも特徴づけられていた。音楽での表現活動では,気候データの把握とファスナハトの行事の映像の視聴等により,その行事の存在の意義を考えることが出来た。更に,それらを踏まえた創作と演奏により,日本と比較したドイツ付近の季節の特徴や移り変わりの何に自分が注目しているのかを学生自身が再認識して,気候やそこに住む人々の感じ方を想像する機会となった。
Abstract Alternative  An interdisciplinary class for university students on the climate in winter around Germany and the traditional event “Fasnacht” for driving winter away was developed, with attention to the variety of seasonal cycles from region to region in middle latitudes. According to the climatological analyses, the “severe winter feeling” around Germany seems to be associated greatly with the intermittent appearance of the extremely cold days as the very large day-to-day variations rather than with the mean lower temperature. In this joint activity, students firstly tried to understand or imagine why the people there can’t help driving the winter away, based on the climate data. After such consideration, each student composed a music work which expresses such “seasonal feeling” about the “Fasnacht” with use of the various small percussion instruments. The students seemed to have an opportunity for realizing the climate in foreign regions and the “seasonal feeling” there, through the composition and performance of the music works in such processes.
Keywords 地学と音楽との連携 (Joint activity of earth science with music) 学際的気候教育 (Interdisciplinary climate education) 季節サイクルと季節感 (Seasonal cycle and “seasonal feeling) ドイツと日本との気候比較 (Comparison of climate between Germany and Japan) ESD
Publication Title Bulletin of Center for Teacher Education and Development, Okayama University
Published Date 2017-03-27
Volume volume7
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End Page 166
ISSN 2186-1323
language 日本語
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