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Title Alternative The effect of artificial CO(2) bathing on peripheral circulation insufficiency.
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Author Komoto, Yoshiaki| Kohmoto, Tomoji| Sunakawa, Mitsuru| Yorozu, Hidenori| Eguchi, Yasuteru|
Abstract 末梢動脈の慢性閉塞性疾患に対する血行再建術の予後は不良で,虚血肢の治療には一定の見解が乏しく非常に難澁するものである。組織循環の概念にもとづいた評価法によると,医用質量分析装置を用いた虚血肢運動負荷後のPtCO(2)の脱飽和曲線の型により組織循環の良否が定まる。組織循環の良好な型では,自然予後は良好で,いかなる保存的治療にもよく反応する。一方,組織循環の不良な型の自然予後は不良であるので,人工炭酸泉浴によるPtO(2)の増加,および組織循環量の改善により予後は良好となる。人工炭酸泉浴は,組織循環の良好な症例には治癒促進的に作用し,組織循環の不良な症例にも有効に作用する。
Abstract Alternative Arteriography provides clear and useful information of ischemic leg anatomy. The method is limited, in that measurement of less than 100μ can not be made. The hemodynamics or functional consequences of the ischemic state should be evaluated by tissue circulation or perfusion methods that depend principally on systemic blood flow. Tissue perfusion is classified in two groups, insufficient and sufficient, depending on the type of clearance curve of PCO(2) in leg muscle following ankle exercise by means of medical mass spectrometry, Medspect Ⅱ, Chemetron, U.S.A. Either artificial CO(2) bathing or CO(2) vapour bath are efficacious for peripheral ischemic wound. Artificial CO(2) bathing is prepared with BUB-KAO 2tab., a 50g sodium hydrogen-carbonate and succinic acid tablet, Kao Co. Ltd. Japan, in 280-litre-tub at 40℃ for 20 minutes. CO(2) vapour bath is prepared with UKS CO(2) Trockengas Badkabine, Hansen Co., Ltd. West Germany, 20-litre-CO(2) per minutes at 40~42℃ for 20 minutes. In the case of insufficient tissue perfusion, ischemic wound is met promising outcome with CO(2) bathing even though no hope is expected with any medicine for peripheral circulation. Whereas, in the case of sufficient tissue perfusion, ischemic wound is expected much help of CO(2) bathing, as well as of all kinds of medicine, in healing process.
Keywords 人工炭酸浴 (Artificial CO(2) bath) 連浴 (serial bathing) 末梢循環障害 (peripheral circuiation insufficiency) 医用質量分析装置 (medical mass spectrometer) 組織循環 (tissue perfusion)
Publication Title 環境病態研報告
Published Date 1986-07
Volume volume57
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End Page 8
ISSN 09133771
language 日本語
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Title Alternative Research for carbon dioxide bathing IV, Thermal effect of artificial CO(2)-bathing
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Author Yorozu, Hidenori| Kubo, Yuichiro| Eguchi, Yasuteru| Sunakawa, Mitsuru| Kohmoto, Tomoji| Komoto, Yoshiaki| Komoto, ]unko|
Abstract 1) 炭酸塩と,コ-ク酸からなる錠剤型の「炭酸ガス浴剤」の保温作用を健康な男子8名について,サ-モグラフィーを用いて測定した. 入浴10分後の比較で明らかに,炭酸ガス浴はよく温まった結果,表面温度が高くなっている. 2) 腰痛,四肢冷感,その他の患者24名での臨床評価の結果,患者の90%以上が手足が温まり,湯ざめしにくいことを認めた.また,患者の85%は痛みがやわらぐことを認めた. 3) 主婦664名を対象とした使用評価の結果,常時手足の冷感を訴える者の63.6%,身体の疲労感・だるさ56.5%に効果を認めていることがわかった. 4) 副作用は全く認められなかった.
Abstract Alternative The artificial CO(2)-bath was prepared with a tablet (50g), made from sodium bicarbonate and succinic acid, putting simply in plain water bathtub of 150-200 litre at 40℃. Thermal effect was evaluated by means of thermography in healthy 8 men; temperature areas of 34.5℃ or greater were recorded in average compared to a plain bathing and to an artificial Na(2)SO(4)-NaHCO(3) one 10 minutes later. Clinical evaluation by questionnairings of 24 patients suffering mainly from lumbago and 4-extremity coldness revealed a long lasting peripheral warmth in 90% and the ease from pain in 85%. The artificial CO(2)-bathing was effective for women whose health were adversely affected by the cold in 63.6% and for general fatigue or dullness in 56.5% of 664 female volunteers whom the questionnairings were conducted to. No side effect was encountered in the survey.
Publication Title 岡山大学温泉研究所報告
Published Date 1984-03-25
Volume volume54
Start Page 1
End Page 12
ISSN 0369-7142
language 日本語
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