Title Alternative Fermented persimmon extract (kaki-shibu) is useful as a standard for component analyses of persimmon phytobezoars
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Author Iwamuro, Masaya| Okamoto, Yuko| Murata, Toshihiro| Kawai, Yoshinari| Shiraha, Hidenori| Okada, Hiroyuki| Yamamoto, Kazuhide|
Abstract The definite diagnosis of persimmon phytobezoar (i.e., diospyrobezoar) is often accomplished by a component analysis using infrared spectroscopy. However, no studies have been conducted to investigate which substance is the best as a standard for the component analysis. Here we analyzed tannic acid, Japanese persimmon (kaki), fermented persimmon extract (kaki-shibu), conventional dried persimmon, and dried persimmon smoked in sulfur (ampo-kaki) by infrared spectroscopy to determine which would be optimal as a component analysis standard. The spectrum between 1,600 to 600cm-1 of a persimmon phytobezoar was quite similar to the spectrum of kaki-shibu rather than that of tannic acid. Consequently, we conclude that kaki-shibu should be used as a standard for infrared spectroscopy analyses of persimmon phytobezoars.
Keywords 柿胃石(gastric phytobezoar) タンニン酸(tannic acid) 消化管異物(gastrointestinal foreign body) 成分分析(component analysis)
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Published Date 2014-08-01
Volume volume126
Issue issue2
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End Page 131
ISSN 0030-1558
language 日本語
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DOI 10.4044/joma.126.127
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Author Murata, Toshihiro|
Published Date 2008-09-30
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