Title Alternative Difficulties in school life can be seen from the medical records of patients with gender dysphoria
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Author 天野 佑美| 佐々木 新| 松本 洋輔| 大守 伊織|
Abstract A school should be a place where every child can feel comfortable and safe. We aimed to shed light upon difficulties in school life in children with gender dysphoria (GD) and find a way to support them. We extracted the episodes in school life from the medical records of 59 patients with GD. They suffered from using gender segregated bookbags, school uniforms, swimming wears, and bathrooms. Sex education was not enough for them to understand GD. Children with male-to-female GD were bullied at school more often than those with female-to-male GD. Teachers should take note of children with GD, and should provide necessary supports in their school life, including the facilities and their relationships with their peers.
Keywords gender dysphoria gender identity disorder school education gender and sexual diversity difficulties
Publication Title 教育実践学論集
Published Date 2019-03
Issue issue20
Start Page 39
End Page 48
ISSN 2433-1791
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