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Title Alternative How Must We Treat about the Deplorable Accidents Caused by School Teaching Staff ? : From Recognition of Promotive Factors and Restraint Factors
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Author 塚本 千秋|
Abstract  学校教職員の不祥事が社会的に問題になっており,各地の教育委員会は防止対策に追われている。ひとことで不祥事と言うが,誰でも起こしうる<うっかり>の連続線上に位置づけられる事案から,通常なら考えられないような<特異性の高い>事案まで,実態は多様である。本稿では,不祥事の種類や頻度,すでに行われている防止策について概観した上で,さらに有効な対策を講じるために,発生を促進する要因や抑止する要因について検討した。
Abstract Alternative  Many people pay attention to Deplorable Accidents caused by School Teacher. Therefore the district Board of Education in the whole country is pressing for the measure which prevents such accidents. There are various kinds in a deplorable affair from “something often” to “something extremely rare”. After surveying measures of the current state, I discussed more effective measures from recognition of promotive factors and restraint factors of deplorable accidents, especially studying such behaviors.
Keywords 学校教職員 不祥事対策 発生促進要因 抑止要因 Deplorable Accidents Indecent Conducts Administrative Measure and Punishment Promotive Factors and Restraint Factors
Publication Title Bulletin of Center for Teacher Education and Development, Okayama University
Published Date 2017-03-27
Volume volume7
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End Page 96
ISSN 2186-1323
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Author 塚本 千秋|
Published Date 1995-09-30
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