Title Alternative A prospective cohort study to define the clinical and pathological features of lung cancers harboring HER2 gene aberrations (the HER2-CS Study) and a phase II study of trastuzumab emtansine (recombinant) in patients with HER2-positive non-small cell lung cancer who recurred, progressed after standard chemotherapy, or were primarily refractory to standard chemotherapy
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Author Kiura, Katsuyuki| Hotta, Katsuyuki| Sato, Akiko| Ohashi, Kadoaki| Ninomiya, Takashi| Minnami, Daisuke| Tabata, Masahiro| Kubo, Toshio| Kato, Yuka| Hirata, Taizo|
Keywords 臨床研究中核病院 国立研究開発法人日本医療研究開発機構 文部科学省橋渡し研究加速ネットワークプログラム HER2-CS study trastuzumab emtansine
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Published Date 2015-08-03
Volume volume127
Issue issue2
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DOI 10.4044/joma.127.127
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Author Sato, Akiko|
Published Date 2008-03-25
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