Title Alternative Inhibitory effects of caffeine on allergic rhinitis symptoms in mice
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Author Tsujimoto, Madoka| Saiki, Akiko| Suzuki, Manami| Shiraga, Toshiyuki| Sugimoto, Yukio| Hayashi, Yasushi|
Abstract We examined the effects of caffeine treatment on ovalbumin- and histamine-induced rhinitis mouse models and on corticosterone and catecholamine levels in mouse plasma. Treatment with caffeine decreased sneezing and nasal rubbing in both models, but direct nasal administration had no effect. Plasma levels of corticosterone and catecholamine, which have known anti-allergy effects, were increased by caffeine treatment. The increases in corticosterone and catecholamine may be associated with the suppression of rhinitis symptoms.
Publication Title Proceedings of Okayama Association for Laboratory Animal Science
Published Date 2017-04
Volume volume33
Start Page 18
End Page 21
language 日本語
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