Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Yoshimura, Hiroshi
The first aim of this paper is to express quantitatively the global standards pattern of change in industrial structure, thereby to show Revised Petty−Clark’s law that includes the back ward bending tendency of the second industry, which means that the composition ratio of the second industry changes to decrease from increase at the ratio of about 40%.And the second is to show implications and examples of application of the standards pattern. Then we will be able to attain successfully the first aim and to show the following implications and examples of application. They are ①the standards stages of economic development based on the standards pattern, ②the difference ratio of industrial structure, which means the degree of gap of the pattern of a nation from the standards pattern, and ③the converging tendency of industrial structure.
industrial structure
global standards pattern
Petty−Clark’s law
standards stages of economic development
difference ratio of industrial structure
converging tendency
back ward bending tendency