Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Abe, Kazunari
I was involved in drawing up the general plan of many regions and took part in the specified project for about forty years. Based on my various experiences, I try to consider some basic problems on the development of region and the industry policy. This will contribute to make an angle of view of promoting the development of region to straighten out the inferiority of economic level. The points to stress are as follows. (1) In these days when the mega−competition is so keen, the product innovation and the creation of new products has been important inoreasingly for the manufacturing industry to survive or develop. (2) The cration of new industry and its accumulation is earnestly desired so that the manufacturing industry can secure the continuous high growth. The definitive point is whether there is the nucleus to give impetus to it. (3) The rate of increase of working population is depend on overwhelmingly the degree of enlargement of service industry. (4) The accumulation pattern of knowledge intensive service function (or industry) is raising its importance as the factor to determine the power of city. (5) The core city of the prefectural area must accumulate the highest level of knowledge intensive service function (or industry) first of all. (6) The plan which does not make who carry out clear is insignificant.