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Ota, Yoshiki Kaken ID researchmap
The greatest contribution in "Die Nationaltaetenfrage und die Sozialdemokratie" by Otto Bauer" is the explanation of generation and development of nation including "waking of peoples without history". The contents which should be called the renovation (or reconstruction) of the historical materialism by Bauer are developed. The logic of development of nation is making the nation essence theory in a wide sense with the nation essence theory in a narrow sense (= "definition of nation"). The conventional researches took only "definition of nation" without referece to others ,and abandande themselves to inquiry of definitions. Such attitudes should be reconsiderd. Although Bauer included the logic of national development in historical materialism,he did not necessarily succeed in adjusting it to the Marxian historical materialism centering on class struggle. Since the logic of class struggle was restraining the logic of national development from the outside in Bauer's explantaion, he could not solve an actural complicated tangle of class and nation. There is a problem in connection with the limit of Marxism which understands history centering on class struggle. By taking out the logic of national development, Bauer could show the limit of Marxism clearlier than anyone. In spite of including personal national autonomy policy which Karl Renner proposed, Bauer's national policy is ecletic and also includes the territorial national autonomy policy of "Brünner Programm". In grounding the personal national autonomy policy Bauer also followed Renner, and his originality is not found. Bauer's ecletic position corresponds to the disregard to Renner's view of law and state. Such theoretical background of Bauer has relevance to his prompt abandonce of personal national autonomy policy during the World War. We cannot ask for theoretical grounding of a personal national autonomy policy in Bauer. It will be necessary to reconsider Austrian national theory in a broader perspective.
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