Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University

A Study on the Burden of the Public Debt in Japan through System of National Accounts

This thesis will examine the economic and financial environment of the previous and current financial aggravation terms through macroeconomic data, namely, balance of saving and investment classified by institutional sectors in system of national accounts. It will also consider how far the concept of the burden of the public debt is applicable to Japanese actual economy. As long as measured by ex−post macroeconomic data, system of national accounts, though, there are a lot of possibilities of evaluating the burden and it cannot be exactly said which evaluation such as neutrality theorem is both realistic and appropriate. However, the current financial aggravation term, compared with the previous term, seems to cope insufficiently with household financial deficit as far as mutual action about saving between each institutional sector is concerned. Although there is no need to say that further empirical analyses are essential, this includes important suggestions for examining the problems involved in the burden of the public debt. Firstly, incorporated business benefit trend in this prolonged period of economic slump is a critical factor. Secondly, taxation system and political and economic structure have more and more impact on household saving. Thirdly, it has become essential to show specific ways to fiscal reconstruction with social security−related expenditure at its core, in order for household to adapt rationally to fiscal deficit. Therefore, it will be more crucial in further empirical analyses on the burden of the public debt to take into consideration these three points : benefit trend of incorporate business, political and economic structure, and policy operation such as public finance correction.
論説 (Article)