Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Oka, Masumi
My study on abbreviations with numerals consists of three parts. This is the second part of it. Many abbreviations with numerals have been used as political slogans by the Chinese Communist Party. I try to clarify, by analyzing those abbreviations, the phases of Chinese society tdoay. I classified abbreviations with numerals in terms of the themes such as the Party's basic policy, state enterprises, agriculture, etc. In the previous part of my study, I introduced those abbreviations which reflect ① the Party's basic strategy on its "open policy" and ② essential policies on state enterprises by the Party. In this second part of my study, I deal with those which belong to ① reforms by state enterprises and by local governments, ② fundamental policies on agriculture and farming areas by the Party, and ③ reforms of farming villages by local governments. In this study it is revealed that a greater part of abbreviations have something to do with either state enterprises or agriculture. This shows they are the two biggest problems that today's China faces.
論説 (Article)