Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Wakisaka, Akira
This research is an intensive interview to five designers and six pattern-makers in three apparel manufacturers. The purpose of the research is to collect a detailed information on specialists who are thought to be fluid workers and to be an approriate job for combining work with family. Ten in eleven interviewees are women, who are almost single. They think it is difficult to continiue to work after having a baby. It is interesting that three companies have different personnel system in treatment of specialists. Company A treats specialists as same as other employees such as clerks or merchandizers. Company B treats patternmakers same as other employees but treats designers differently, remuneration of designers are determined by annual base. Company C treats specialists differnt from other employees, both designers and pattern-makers are contracted and remunerated every year. According to company's personnel strategy, career development of these specialists differs. But difficulties of women for getting a career success are same irrespective of firm's personnel system and of fluid or stable workers.
調査 (Research)