Okayama Economic Review
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Matsumoto, Toshiro Kaken ID publons researchmap
In this paper I introduce two diaries written by the Japanese settlers who were forsaken in Anshan, Liaoning province, by the Guandong Anny in 1945. I also present a chronological table about Anshan during the civil war between the Nationalist and the Communist, cross checking these diaries with the other historical materials. The abandoned settlers spent hard and horrible days in the period. Some of them were forced to help the reconstruction of Anshan Iron and Steel Company. So their diaries give us the valuable information to comprehend the situation of Anshan and A.I.S.C. One of the diaries was written by an ex-clerk of Showa Iron and Steel Works(later A.I.S.C.). It tells us the daily incidents around his life. Another diary teaches us the political and economic circumstances in Anshan. The author of the latter had been one of the leaders of the Japanese Settlement Corporation at Anshan and was arrested once by the Eight Root Anny. He described his unusual experience vividly in the diary.
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